watch "A NEW FLAG FOR EUROPE" produced by Canal 180 on WHAT ELSE EUROPE in Antwerp:


"What Else Europe" began in 2015, sparked from the idea of gathering all kinds of creatives from all over Europe to inspire each other, create together, network and promote the idea of unity.

Respect, equality and integration of minorities make up the core values of this project. Furthermore it serves to promote the values of the European Union, especially the promotion of peace in Europe through networking and friendship. Working independently from the European union and not yet affiliated with official programs, "What Else Europe" is an independent project.

"What Else Europe" takes places once a year, rotating between different European cities. In 2016 we came together in Venice for one week as a prototype and after a successful first edition, we decided to gather 11 creatives in 2017 in Porto/Portugal for our second edition. What Else Europe continued in Antwerp from the 28th of December until the 5th of January 2018 with 24 participants from 9 different European countries.

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